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Investing for a brighter future

For more than 25 years, Cordaid Investment Management has been investing in positive social impact. We are one of the few investors committed to deploying capital to the most underserved markets in the world. It is our belief that access to capital plays a catalytic role in creating jobs and building sustainable livelihoods.

Cordaid Investment Management 2021 in numbers

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Our ambition statement
  • Building sustainable livelihoods

    by investing in access to finance and decent job creation

  • Deploying growth capital

    to microfinance institutions and small and medium-sized enterprises

  • Investing in the most underserved economies

    in Africa, South-East Asia and Latin America

  • Catalysing system change

    by opening up markets in which organisations otherwise wouldn't have access to finance

  • Creating partnerships

    with like-minded investors who balance social impact and financial return

  • Delivering expertise

    together with our highly skilled and committed team

More about our impact

Increasing financial inclusion through microfinance institutions

Worldwide, millions of adults have inadequate access to finance. This leaves them vulnerable in case of unexpected difficulties and makes it hard for them to plan ahead and grow. Microfinance institutions provide them with microloans: reliable credit that allows them to build sustainable livelihoods.

Growth capital for small and medium-sized enterprises

In West Africa, well-performing, resilient SMEs are unable to access local growth capital, while those enterprises play an important role in the economic development of their country. We address this financing gap by providing those enterprises with investments aligned with their business.

Why investing in the most underserved economies matters

Businesses in fragile markets struggle with challenges such as poor institutions, weak infrastructure and inadequate government capabilities. Private sector development has a significant positive effect on the development of these countries through job creation and building functioning markets. By investing in the private sector, we contribute to many United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, such as decent work and economic growth, ending poverty and achieving gender equality.

Areas we invest in

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