Who we are

We are an impact-first investor with more than 25 years of experience in underserved markets. By investing in microfinance institutions and small and medium-sized enterprises across the globe, we aim to create a brighter future for people living in underserved countries. Our highly skilled team identifies the best investment opportunities, offering impact investors a high social impact and fair financial return.

How we make a difference

Building sustainable livelihoods by investing in decent job creation and access to finance

Deploying growth capital to microfinance institutions and small and medium-sized enterprises

Investing in the most underserved economies in Africa, South-East Asia and Latin America

Catalysing system change by opening up markets in which organisations otherwise wouldn't have access to finance

Creating partnerships with like-minded investors who balance financial return with social impact

Delivering expertise together with our highly skilled and committed team

Adam Braithwaite

Business Controller

"Contributing to improving access to finance is hugely motivating.”



Archibald Shodeke

Investment Manager

“My passion has always been to work for organizations that empower communities and businesses through impact financing. My work in Cordaid Investment Management contributes toward the much-needed growth and transformation in fragile economies. I’m proud to be part of that change.”

Brent de Bruijn

Fund & Information Officer

“Through my work at Cordaid Investment Management, I try to make a small difference to help create a fairer world.”

Christine Martin Hartwig

Legal and Compliance Officer

“Coming from the banking industry, Corporate Social Responsibility always caught my attention. So, I am proud to now work in a company that balances financial and social return. I believe that from my position, I help to maintain a culture of ethics and integrity in this impact investing journey.”

Daniela Luppi

Manager Finance and Risk

“Every day we work with passion and professionalism, finding creative solutions in the most difficult environments. We are up for that challenge."

Gauke Andriesse

Senior Investment Manager

“With our help microfinance institutions in Latin America can provide suitable loans to a great number of micro and small entrepreneurs who do not have access to the formal banking sector.”

Günter Jansen

Risk and Restructuring Manager

“I take pride in the fact that in spite of the risks involved we are able to operate in fragile markets and support project partners that otherwise would hardly find funding sources.”

Hann Verheijen

Managing Director

“Two decades ago I decided to only work for organizations that I am truly passionate about. That’s why I work for Cordaid Investment Management. And it’s great to team up with like-minded investors, partners, and a wonderful team in fulfilling our mission: investing in a bright future for fragile markets.”

Hannah Sanchez

Impact Officer

“I chose to do an internship at Cordaid Investment Management because I am passionate about learning what it means to create meaningful and impactful change to people's lives in a socially sustainable way.”

Jan Postmus

Senior Investment Manager

“It’s rewarding to contribute with our investments to an increased access to financial services for those who otherwise would not have access to it.”

Joëlle Duff

Investment Analyst

“The SMEs we work with are truly resilient and operate in the most complex and challenging environments. It’s a privilege to be able to support them by providing business appropriate growth finance, which is often unavailable in these markets.” 

Julie Nzambi

Financial and Legal Assistant

"I am excited to work with projects that empower women and reduce inequalities in low-income countries. And it was especially important that we at Cordaid Investment Management carefully apply the gender lens to our investments."

Lorisa Canillas

Senior Investment Manager

“Through Cordaid Investment Management, I have been able to work locally with MFIs and entrepreneurs and have a first-hand insight of how inspirational they are in overcoming the challenges of a fragile world.” 

Mariam Niangado

Investment Manager

“I have always believed that sustainable development in fragile countries requires social loan structures which have a real and visible impact on youth and women. With Cordaid Investment Management I am finally able to contribute to the improvement of the living conditions of women and children.”


Marina Manchkhashvili

Marketing & Communications Officer

"Listening to people whose lives were transformed by our investments is powerful. Working with people devoted to bringing the positive impact and systematic change is energizing." 

Muriëlle van Leeuwen

Executive Assistant

“It is inspiring to work in a team of dedicated people who do their utmost to help people in the most fragile countries to overcome poverty and build sustainable livelihoods.”

Priscilla Smit

Senior Investment Manager

“It motivates me to invest in small projects that promote big transformations in people’s lives.”

Sjoerd Melsert

Senior Investment Manager

“Cordaid Investment Management supports SMEs in fragile countries by giving them access to finance. CIM does so with people on the ground who have the knowledge and network in those countries. Firmly believing that SMEs are instrumental for fragile countries’ economic development, I chose to work for CIM to contribute to sustainable social impact.”

Sanne Steemers

Chair of WABFF Investment Committee 

“I believe in positive impact through profitable business. While investors globally are more and more open to going beyond just the mitigation of ESG risks and are now considering impact in their investment decisions, several countries and segments are still heavily underserved. Beyond its direct impact, the Fund has the opportunity to pioneer models for investing in fragile economies, and inspire others to follow.”

Thierno Sadou Diallo

WABFF Investment Committee member 

“Linking financial returns to environmental, social and governance factors is the best way to make investments sustainable and improve the livelihood of communities. It is an honour to help the West Africa Bright Future Fund make that impact.”

Victor Ndiege

WABFF Investment Committee member 

“I join WABFF to continue with my passion for transforming underserved markets and contribute to the resilience of markets and communities.”

Our history

Cordaid Investment Management is a 100% subsidiary of Cordaid Foundation. Cordaid is a development organisation operating internationally, working in and on fragility. 

Cordaid combines relief and development aid to help people move beyond survival and live in dignity, working on themes such as health care, security and justice, and education. Cordaid is supported by nearly 300,000 private donors in the Netherlands and a worldwide partner network.

Cordaid Investment Management’s mission and goals are aligned with those of Cordaid Foundation. We issued our first loan to a microfinance institution in India back in 1996 and from there gradually increased our scope and scale.

In 2000, Cordaid decided to form a separate Business Unit to manage its investments. This Unit developed into the independent subsidiary it is today, operating in Africa, Asia and Latin America and investing in both MFI and SMEs.

We are grateful for our partners and networks

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