Are we in compliance?

17 October, 2022

As the impact investing industry matures, we, asset managers, must take the time to understand better the legal and compliance challenges of investing in emerging and, especially, fragile countries. 

Robust compliance and legal framework integrated at all levels of the organization is essential to mitigate risks of reputational damage, regulatory fines, or being unable to deliver the promised impact KPI's to the investors.

These essential topics are a recurring theme during our annual Strategy Team week. Christine Martin Hartwig, CIM Legal & Compliance Officer at CIM, prepared Compliance training for all the colleagues in our office in The Hague. This year's "Are we in Compliance?" training featured discussions on enhancing the Due diligence process and solving sample cases.

"One of the most impactful ways for the business to express genuine stewardship to its stakeholders is to invest in a robust integrated risk and compliance strategy," says Christine.

Impact Investor mandate comes with many legal and compliance obligations and challenges. That's why CIM is committed to building the competencies for all the internal participants and custodians of processes.

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