Value-based impact investing is gaining momentum

1 November, 2022

Dedicated to unlocking faith-based investors' capital for positive social impact, Cordaid Investment Management has signed the Catholic Impact Investing Pledge. Faith-based impact investing is gaining momentum, and we urge religiously and spiritually driven investors to join the movement. 

The Catholic Impact Investing Collaborative (CIIC) has launched the pledge to activate the Catholic investment community and help them commit to taking meaningful and accountable steps to adopt impact investing. 

If we can change how money operates within the faith-based investors' ecosystem, we will unlock significant capital for the greater good. Being part of the Cordaid Foundation, an emergency relief and development organization inspired by Christian social traditions, we know the world of finance and faith can achieve great things together. Shared values of human dignity, justice, compassion, and care for the planet can transform into meaningful investments. Together we can empower people economically, facilitate job creation, and foster inclusive economic growth in the most fragile environments.

Cordaid Investment Management wants to facilitate the growth of the broader ecosystem of Catholic impact investing so that more capital unlocks for building sustainable livelihoods everywhere in the world. Join us in acting according to the pledge commitments. Join us in acting according to the pledge commitments

- We will move beyond negative screening and seek out opportunities across asset classes that provide financial returns while creating measurable, positive social and environmental outcomes in service of people and planet. 

- We will establish meaningful allocation targets to ensure impact investments are incorporated into our investment portfolios. 

- We will promote awareness of impact investing among our fellow Catholics. 

- We will work with one another and relevant partners to improve the effectiveness of impact investing. 

- We will share our progress making impact investments, and we will measure and communicate the impacts that are created.


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